Sunday, March 1, 2009

We've been tagged!

Kane at 7 weeks. Hard to believe he was once this little....

Warning: This post has (almost) nothing to do with schutzhund training. :-) We were tagged by YD over at YD's A Little Bit of Everything blog and her doggie girls Samantha and June to do a "Doggie Bucket List" - meaning everything Kane would like to do sometime in his lifetime.
So here it is - after all, it's good to take a break from training every now and then, right? Right.

Kane is now writing the rest of this. Pretty good typer, he is.

Things I have done in my lifetime:
Bitten Richard (our trainer) numerous times.
Been used as crowd control by a police officer (I was 1 1/2 but apparently already intimidating enough)
Gone down the road with my head out the sunroof (I do it all the time)
Bite holes in tires (wheelbarrow, now we have one with solid tire)

Peed on every tree in the yard (yep, and they're ALL MINE!)
Swam in the lake (didn't really like it)
Bit a hole in mom's exercise ball (she let me play with it!)
Chased deer
Chased canadian geese
Chased rabbits
Chased cats
Chased anything small and furry that moves fast
Slept in a tent

Gone hiking and carried my own backpack
Snuggled with mom on the couch

Licked away mom's tears when she cried

Things I'd like to do:
Sleep upstairs with mom and dad in their bed.
Lick Stars and Stripes, mom's cats. Oh, come little lick wouldn't hurt them??!!?
Chase a squirrel up the tree
Eat that stick of butter of the counter.
Beat up neighborhood chiuaua that pees in our yard.
Catch one of those pesky deer.

Get a Schutzhund III title (that one was from mom)
Prove to mom I can do the long down (hers too)
Go with mom and dad to Sweden to meet everyone there.
Convince mom and dad that I NEED MORE CHICKEN!!!!
Raise mom and dad's kids when they have them
Have a baby sister or brother so that I can show them all the trees to pee on.
Walk mom down the aisle when her and Sean get married in October (I can't wait!)Leyla, Mom and Me. Leyla belongs to mom's exbf.


Mrs. JP said...

good list! great pictures!

YD said...

We love your list Kane! Thank you for doing it. We have never chase a deer before but that sounds like fun! You look so hansome in those pictures.
It sounds so exciting that you are going to walk your mom down the aisle for her wedding!

Samantha & June