Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kane's SchH1 Protection Video

Here is our video of the protection segment of our Schutzhund 1. 82 and pronounced. :-) Now we are busy getting ready to do an OB1 at the end of January in Myrtle Beach. Our Obedience is better than what we did in December, so it's time to trial more and get over the nerves - both for me and Kane!


Dale said...

Nice work Lena. He has nice drive and balance! I have a 12 month old female preparing for the BH later this year - and looking forward to watching you and Kane gain experience. Dale

Mrs. JP said...

Wow Lena, that was great! Kane responds to your commands like a charm. He stayed nice and close after "out" huh? Also, I love that he's so excited that he's wagging his tail while barking. Daisy did that too in her security training.
Hey, was it cold? :O) I love the Elmer Fudd hat,,,truly I do!
Give Kane a treat because he's such a good boy!