Friday, May 22, 2009

4 blinds!

Woo-hoo, we're running 4 blinds!

Well, technically I'm not, Kane is. :-) I'm so excited!

Now that he runs four blinds with a heel and sit in between each, we have started alternating with no heel and sit, just a direct send to the next blind between 1 and 2, then a heel sit between 2 and 3, and a heel sit between 3 and 4. So far so good.

We have finally also formed a REAL Schutzhund USA club: Piedmont Schutzhund Club. We have our affiliation trial on Saturday June 6 and we hope to have a real trial in November, maybe.
The affiliation trial is a mock trial, so Kane and I have entered for the BH which will be a practice run before the real thing. I'm getting a bit nervous, I think. The BH is obedience and "temperament" testing only making sure Kane is not nervous around other dogs, people, cars and bicycles.

I still have to learn the pattern for the obedience - guess what I'll be doing this weekend????!!!


Mrs. JP said...

Wonderful picture as usual. I don't think GSDs can take bad pics do you? I bet Kane loves the times when he doesn't have to stop in between but gets the command to just go. Yeehaw!

YD said...

Kane, did you train this weekend or were you busy supervising your mommy making cakes? :)

Sam & June

Lena said...

Dear Sam and June - I was off over memorial day weekend, but no worries... I will return in full force.
After all, mom and I have a (mock) trial to prepare for - June 6!
(Don't mention this to her, but she is really getting nervous)