Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Ready!

Thanks to some good friends' advice and an excellent obedience practice on Saturday morning, I was able to get rid of my nerves and Kane and I will be entering the MOCK trial this coming Saturday for the BH. We will be doing the BH with Nobi and his handler Julie, which is the team we have been practicing with the most.

I wanted to do the long down exactly as in trial, so it was only done with a fur-saver collar. Up until now, we have always used a long line and the e-collar. I also made sure that I walked about 30 paces away and kept my back turned (most of) the entire time.

I'm happy to report that Kane was a model long down dog. Julie and Nobi put him to the test, running close, catching the ball nearby and Nobi even did one of his signature victory laps near Kane and Kane did not move. :-) Yeay!

The mock trial doesn't count, but we are still putting the final touches on a few things such as off-leash heeling, about turns, sit and down out of motion and pace changes. I'm memorizing the BH pattern that we have to do, first on leash and then off leash.

Our club, Piedmont Schutzhund Club, now has a logo, courtesy of yours truly. Nice, isn't it? :-) Website coming soon!

This past weekend was spent cleaning up the training field, adding crush and run to the entrance, tearing down the old lattice in the blinds, painting posts and putting up new lattice, weed whacking, putting the roof on the carport (the "gondola" as we call it). Mike and Jack have built a brand new A frame and fixed up the jump. Everything looks brand, spanking new.

On Saturday, I was also asked to hold one of the Konfederate Kennel bulldogs during puppy tugtime. This is done with the beginner dogs, usually as a group, to get the dogs as excited as possible. My pretty brindle guy, Mandingo, did awesome and almost knocked me off my feet a few times. It was fun to go back to this stage for a few minutes! Be a tree, Lena. Be a tree.

Oh, and Kane had an excellent protection session as well. We are running 3-4 blinds intermittently stopping and not stopping. Now we just have to keep at it for a little while, but Kane is doing great. I can tell that the obedience is having an effect on his outs as well.


Mrs. JP said...

Wow, Lena you've done a great job. Kane is ready and so are you..I'm so impressed with his long down and he stayed while his buddy was doing the best distraction job! Plus Kane can't take a bad picture - he's so handsome.
I don't know about the different collars - would you do a post about those someday? Oh, and what's in the vest you always wear? Curious aren't I? :O)
I hope the club has t-shirts!
I love brindle colored dogs. Is that exercise to build up their confidence?
We'll be looking forward to pictures of this weekend. Take lots of pictures.

YD said...

Oh Kane, good job boy! We wish you lots of doggie luck and lots of kisses.

Sam & June

DCampy34 said...

lots of luck - we are going for advanced agility this week

Sweetie MJ

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Pawsome! We can't wait to hear how it went!

Gus and Waldo