Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preparing more

Video of Kane and I working on heeling, about turns and position.

Kane and I have decided (well, actually I did) that the real BH trial will take place on July 18 at the North Beach Schutzhund Club in Myrtle Beach, SC.

So now we are in hardcore bootcamp training to fix all the "problems" we had during the mock trial. Here's what I'm working on:

  • On and off-leash attention
  • Prep for greeting the judge
  • Prep for starting at the start flag
  • Evaluating the group before entering group (for me, not Kane lol)
  • Tighter about-turns
  • Prep for traffic portion where other dogs are involved
  • Better heel position
I spent some time Sunday with my Schutzhund Women and they helped me work on the dog-dog areas and Kane did really well.
There is the "walking by another dog" at a distance of about 10 ft or so, and Carrie gave me some tips on what to do if the other dog is snarky, or if Kane pulls on the leash. It's better to let him pull than give a correction.
The other dog-dog area I wanted to practice was the tie-out, where your dog is attached to a line that is attached to a tree/fence etc. and left (with no command) while the handler walks out of sight.
With no command, Kane starts to follow me in the direction I walk and when the leash/line stops him he usually starts barking. Barking is not good for the test, so I would turn around and give him my meanest face along with a "Knock it off" which usually makes him lay down and I can walk to my hiding place.
After that, he is so focused on where I'm hiding, that he doesn't care about any other person or dog walking by (which is fine.)

Of course, in trial, I cannot turn around and we'll be practicing this part at home during the next few weeks, and at practice when we can. That should take care of it.

Here is another video of motion exercises:

I'm hoping Julie and Nobi will be our partners, but we'll see how things turn out. Julie lost her mali pup to a freak accident this past weekend and she is understandably heartbroken. I can't imagine what she is going through right now. RIP little Davey Crockett.


Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

good luck on your boot campt training for the trial

woodrow sweetie mj

Mrs. JP said...

Thanks for the video. I love to watch Kane doing his thing. We hope that you have a great weekend.

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Practice makes perfect! Keep us updated!

Gus and Waldo